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We do everything possible to make our service fast and easy to use, and we want your feedback! Let us know if there is anything you don't understand about using our service, reading the listings, navigating about our pages, et cetera. We'll do our best to correct the problem, fix the leak, mend the fence... well, you get the picture. We want our service to work for you!

Where is True Interactive Yellow Page Directories, Inc. located?

Our offices have relocated to southern Nevada. The address is:

True Interactive Yellow Page Directories, Inc.
10624 S. Eastern Ave, Suite A-417
Henderson, NV 89052
Customer Service: (855) 920-8783
Fax: 719-218-9338


Why aren't the keywords I'm entering returning any listings?

Our keyword table is actually a number of separate databases: Headings you would find in most yellow pages directories, Standard Industrial Codes (SIC) & their descriptions, and synonyms (e.g., lawyer=attorney=landshark). While there are several of these "search-match" sets available on the market, we weren't impressed by them, and are developing our own. What this means is that our search-match set is better than others in some ways, but is surprisingly lacking in others—but we are improving it daily. Whenever you enter a keyword that doesn't result in listings ("pizza" was one embarrassing lack we fixed in a BIG hurry), that query is logged. Our databse administrators inspect this log daily, and add keywords and/or headings as appropriate. So stick with us. It gets better.


What other services are you going to offer/planning to offer?

Some of the features we plan to add in the very near future are real-time graphical mapping, pager service, and worldwide faxing service. If you would like to see us offer other features, as well, please let us know, and we will investigate the potential of that service thoroughly!


How do I navigate the listings?

We've tried to make the listings themselves as user-friendly and intuitive as possible, but if you're experiencing difficulties, here are a few tips and tricks:


What the heck is a prefix?

Well... If you're old enough, you may remember when the first three digits of your telephone number were called "the exchange." We decided that most people wouldn't know what an exchange was, so we called it the prefix, which is what the telephone companies call it. If your complete phone number is 714-555-1212, then 714 is your area code, 555 is your prefix, and 1212 is your telephone number. Sure, it doesn't make worlds of sense, but then, what does?


Why does your system only use 3 pieces of information to search with?

When we investigated the other yellow page directories on-line, we found that most of them were designed with one idea in mind: To permit salespeople to generate sales leads quickly and cheaply. While this is a solid design concept, we decided to center our service and our search engine around the consumer: Someone who just wants to know where the nearest barbershop is, or what pizza delivery restaurants are in the area. So we designed our front-end (that's technobabble for what you see on your screen) so that it gave the CONSUMER the power to find what the CONSUMER wants, as simply, quickly, and accurately as possible.


What options do you have for the power user?

For the power user - someone who wants to find sales leads in a particular industry or geographical area, we provide a Power Search interface that greatly increases the detail in which you can refine your search. By the way, Power Search is presently unavailable (we're re-indexing our database, and both Power Search and Theme Search (see next item) will be activated when that operation is finished). In the meantime, if you have any features or operations you'd like to see in Power Search, let us know!


What is a theme search and how does it work?

The theme search is an innovation of True Interactive Yellow Pages. The concept is simple: Almost everyone takes vacations, goes to school, buys gifts, gets married, moves away... well, you get the idea. We took a long and detailed look at exactly what people need to do (in terms of services and products) for each of the activities included in our themes, and came up with a suite of mini-searches that can actually help you remember the little but important things (like pet boarding services getting listed with the VACATION theme search). By the way, Theme Searches aren't currently available, but soon will be (we're presently re-indexing our 16,000,000-record database to make it even faster and more efficient).


Who do I contact to report a problem?


What sort of advertising options do you offer?

We offer everything from a simple hypertext link to a web page you've already designed to national banners... and on to secure-transaction on-line catalog and shopping services! We also provide domain registration and hosting, as well as website design and maintenance. Visit our Rates & Information Page for an explanation of each of our currently available options, contact, or call our sales office at 800-920-8783 during regular business hours (Pacific Standard Time) to discuss how your business can begin to unleash the power of the Internet!


Where do you get your information?

We get the vast majority of our information from responses to the millions of direct-mail pieces we send out every year, as well as from the hundreds of thousands of phone calls from businesses wishing to list or edit their listing on our directory. The enhancements to our listings, including artwork, featured facts about various businesses, and hot links we get from the businesses themselves. These enhanced listings you can count on to contain the most recent changes, additions, and other pertinent information that's newer and more accurate than any other source!


I still can't find what I'm looking for. Any suggestions?

Glad you asked. We try very hard to be as complete and up-to-date as possible, but if you've encountered problems, let us know. We work very hard to ensure the completeness and usefulness of our directory, and you can count on us taking your comments, suggestions, or complaints very seriously.


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